We Work With You

“We started Bevan Builders with one goal in mind: to give families a seamless building experience.”

How We Work With you

Before we talk paint and fixtures let’s walk your land together and see what kind of home is possible. City rules, lot shape, soil quality, topography, and environmental factors can all factor into your future plans. Don’t have a lot yet? We can point you in the right direction. Once we have completed a site visit, we will send over a “New Client Information” form via email. This will ask questions that will give us a better idea of the dream home you are looking to build including square footage, some selection items, and other details. We will then schedule a “Specs and Selections” meeting with you. This meeting usually lasts about an hour and we will discuss in detail your vision for your future home discussing room by room. This will allow us to bid your project as accurately as possible and have an open and honest discussion about what you want and where your budget is. Because we’re still early in the process we can make changes to your plans to make sure you get the design and finish you want inside your home. From here, we will then take 4-6 weeks to bid your project with each of our preferred vendors. After the bidding process is complete, we will schedule a Bid Proposal meeting with you to go over the bid in detail and discuss the cost of your home. Updates can then be made, or if approved, we will move to the contracting stage where we will send over a contract specific for your home and help with any details your bank may need, if a loan will be used.

We highly recommend working with an interior designer when building a custom home. There are many decisions that go into building a home and a designer can help make your vision come to life. We have a recommended designer if you do not have one.


We analyze city rules, lot shape, soil quality, topography, and environmental factors.


We ask questions so we can learn about your vision, and then we put together a plan to bring it to life.


Now we are going to get down into the finer details so we can maximize effectiveness.