Construction Process


We analyze city rules, lot shape, soil quality, topography, and environmental factors.


We ask questions so we can learn about your vision, and then we put together a plan to bring it to life.


Now we are going to get down into the finer details so we can maximize effectiveness.


Phase 1: Find a property to build on

Before we talk paint and fixtures let’s walk your land together and see what kind of home is possible. City rules, lot shape, soil quality, topography, and environmental factors can all factor into your future plans. Don’t have a lot yet? We can point you in the right direction.

Once we have completed a site visit, we will send over a “New Client Information” form via email. This will ask questions that will give us a better idea of the dream home you are looking to build including square footage, some selection items, and other details.

Phase 2: Architect / Plans & Finalize Plans

We have trusted architects we can extend to clients as needed or you may use the architect of your choice.  We will work with you and the architect to finalize the plans for your home and clarify any details.

We highly recommend working with an interior designer when building a custom home. There are many decisions that go into building a home and a designer can help make your vision come to life. We can recommend a designer if you do not have one.


Phase 3: Budget / Specifications Meeting & Bid Presentation

Once plans are finalized we will have a budget meeting where we discuss the plans and different specifications you would like in your home from top to bottom. Once we have all specifications we will begin the process of bidding your home with each of our preferred vendors. This will take anywhere from 3-5 weeks. 
We will present to you our bid analysis after gathering bids from all trades to show you an estimate of how much it will cost to build your home.

Phase 4: Contract & Financing

After the bid presentation a contract will be provided for signatures from all parties.
Pre-approval is highly recommended. We will work with you and your bank to finalize details of financing. This process usually takes about 4 weeks once contract is signed.


Phase 1:


  • Property survey
    • A survey will be ordered to ensure we know all boundaries and easements of the property.
  • Soil samples
    • Soil samples will be collected in order for the engineer to create the foundation plans based on the specific soil content of your home site.
  • Determine house placement 
    • A client meeting will take place to determine the placement of your home, which way it is facing, suggestions etc. 
  • Secure insurance, utilities, and permits
    • Bevan builders provides builders risk insurance during all home builds. Bevan Builders also maintains a general liability insurance policy at all times. Utilities will be activated including electricity and water, as applicable, for your specific home. All permits required for city, county, and HOA will be acquired. 
  • Contract with preferred trade partners
    • Engagement with each trade partner will begin. 
  • Dirt work begins!
    • We will build the pad for your home, haul off any trees or existing structures, and grade the property. 
  •  Engineered foundation plans
    • EFP will ensure your home is built according to the engineer recommendations using the soil samples retrieved from the home site.
  • Order windows & appliances
    • Upon client approval, the window and appliance orders will be submitted. 
  • Selections!! 
    • The fun begins as we schedule your selection meetings for plumbing fixtures & flooring/tile selections with our vendors.

Phase 2:


  • Set forms
    • Form boards will be set in preparation for pouring the foundation. The form boards will allow you to see the full footprint of your home on your property.
  • Drill and pour piers
    • If applicable, piers will be drilled and poured. We will evaluate your property with the help of our engineers to determine whether your house will require piers.
  • Drill water well
  • Water well will be drilled, if applicable

Plumbing rough-in

    • Sewer lines and some water lines will be laid prior to the foundation pour.
  • Dig footers/beams
    • Footers will be dug per the engineered foundation plans.
  • Floor plugs and electrical grounds
    • Electrician will install all electrical ground and any floor plugs that you may want included in your home.
  • Pre pour inspection
    • A pre-pour inspection will be conducted by a foundation engineering firm to ensure that all aspects of the foundation meet the requirements of the engineered foundation plan.
  • Pour foundation
    • Once pre-pour inspection is given the green tag we will pour the foundation.
  • Order garage door(s) and exterior door(s)
    • Selection and ordering of all garage door(s) and exterior door(s) will take place.

Phase 3:


  • Frame walls, Ceiling Joists, Floor Joists, and Rafters
    • Our framing crew will frame the walls, ceiling joists, floor joists, and rafters per the architectural plans and in accordance with the engineered plans provided, if applicable.
  • Order fireplace(s)
    • Fire boxes will be ordered according to selection made.
  • Cornice and Roof Decking
    • Install soffit/fascia, ZIP System® Wall Sheathing, windows, and trim/siding.
  • Exterior Doors
    • Exterior doors will be installed (the front door is commonly a temporary door at this point in the process).
  • Install fire box(es)
    • Fire boxes will be installed according to homeowner preference on height etc.

Rough-ins (MEP)

  • Plumbing top out
    • The plumber will return to install all water lines, plumbing vents and all valves that will be located inside walls. Plumber will also install any gas lines specified.
  • HVAC rough in
    • HVAC ducting and units will be installed.
  • Electrical walk through and rough in
    • Our electrician will walk the home with the builder and homeowner to note any electrical changes needed to the home prior to rough in. Once confirmed locations are clear, electricians will install cans, switches, and other electrical items. 
  • Lighting Walk Through
    • Once the electrical rough in is complete, the preferred lighting vendor will walk the home to get a count of all lights needed during selections of lighting fixtures.
  • Light fixture selections
    • Once the lighting vendor has walked the home, they will set up a meeting with the homeowner to come into the showroom and pick out the light fixtures needed for the home. 
  • Audio/Video & security rough in
    • Installation of CAT6 drops, smurf tubing, speaking wiring etc as desired by homeowner. Security rough in will also happen at this time, if applicable. 
  • Cabinet measurements
    • The preferred cabinet vendor will walk the home once framing is complete to measure for all cabinetry. Once measurements are taken, mockups will be sent to the homeowner for changes, additions, or approval. We commonly see 2-3 revisions of the cabinet drawings to ensure all details are to the homeowners liking. 
  • Hardware and locksets
    • Once cabinet drawings are approved, we will set the homeowner up with a hardware selection meeting where they will pick out all door and cabinet hardware.

Phase 4:

Exterior Finishes

Masons will begin the installation of all brick, stone, stucco materials that are selected for the home. At this time all siding materials will also be installed.


Rough Interior Finishes

  • Install Septic tank
    • If applicable, the septic system will be installed in the desired and approved location.
  • Insulation
    • Open cell foam encapsulation insulation will be used to seal all penetrations of the home for an energy efficient home. 
  • Sheetrock, Tape & Bed, Texture
    • Sheetrock will be hung followed by tape and bed which will take a couple of weeks. Then, the sheetrock will be textured as specified by the homeowner.
  • Wood floor install
    • If solid wood floors will be installed in the home they will be installed at this time. 
  • Set cabinets
    • Custom cabinets will be installed. Later in the project there will be a cabinet punch out for all adjustments to be made once painting is complete.
  • Garage door installation
    • Garage doors will be installed. Openers for garage doors will be installed later in the process.

Phase 5:


  • Interior door and trim install
    • All interior doors and trim will be installed. Any exterior doors that are temporary will also be swapped for permanent doors at this time.
  • Tile work
    • Tile work will begin in all areas. Backsplashes will go in after countertops are installed later in project. 
  • Interior paint & stain
    • Interior and exterior paint will begin per selections given by homeowner. 
  • Countertop measurement & install
    • Countertops will be measured and once approved by client will be installed.
  • HVAC trim out
    • HVAC condensers will be installed and start ups will be done. Some floors require acclimating with HVAC on prior to install so this will be done accordingly. 
  • Plumbing trim out
    • All plumbing fixtures will be installed by plumber. 
  • Electrical trim out 
    • All electrical fixtures will be delivered and installed by the electrician per selections made.
  • Flatwork
    • All drives, sidewalks, and pads will be poured.
  • Appliance install
    • All appliances will be installed.
  • Propane install
    • Propane will be installed and hooked up to appliances, if applicable.
  • Carpet install
    • Carpet will be installed.
  • Hardware and Lockset install
    • All hardware and locksets will be installed.
  • Cabinet punch out
    • Cabinets will be fine tuned once painted and hardware is installed. 
  • Glass and mirror install 
    • All shower enclosures and mirrors will be installed.
  • Sheetrock punch out
    • Any sheetrock repairs will be completed.
  • Paint touch ups
    • Blue tape walk will be conducted by homeowner to mark any paint touchups that are needed, these will be corrected during paint touch up.
  • Landscape 
    • Landscaping meeting will take place with homeowner and agreed up on landscaping will be installed. 
  • Gutter install
    • Gutter system will be installed.

Closing and Move-in

  • Final punch list
    • We will create a final punch list off of the final builder walk as well as the blue tape walk completed by the homeowner.
  • Closing
    • Your bank will work directly with you and the builder to ensure all closing items are completed.
  • Completion of final punch list
    • We will work diligently to complete all items on the final punch list.
  • Move-in day!
    • The day you have been waiting for! Welcome to your new home!


Bevan Builders work doesn’t stop once we have completed building your home.

Once you have moved in and settled, we are still here for you! Our project management software makes it easy for you to notify us of any warranty items that need attention. We will work to address and resolve any warranty requests as quickly as possible.