Your Home Without Compromise

For you it starts with an idea: the perfect space where your entire family can gather, a dream kitchen, a porch perfectly framed against a sunset. Our job is to take those ideas and put them together into one perfect home.

It Starts with Where

We build on your lot and every single lot is different. City rules, lot shape, soil quality, topography, and environmental factors can all factor into your future plans. Before we talk paint and fixtures let’s walk your land together and see what kind of home is possible.
Don’t have a lot yet? We can point you in the right direction.

We Make a Plan

Every family is different which is why every home we build is unique. Are you building a home expecting plenty of visitors or a somewhere peaceful to relax in quiet? We’ll take a look through our collection of existing plans and tweak a design that feels right based on how you like to live your life. If your ideas are more custom we have an architect who can help you create something one of a kind.

Discuss the Details

When you leave our consultation we want you to have as close to an idea how much your home is going to cost as possible. To do that we go room by room, having an open and honest discussion about what you want and where your budget is. Because we’re still early in the process we can make changes to your plans to make sure you get the design and finish you want inside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Giving clients a price to build before discussing the build site, floor plan, finish out, etc is something many builders do. More often than not the result is misleading- the price you’re given usually doesn’t include those special finishes that made you want to build in the first place!

We price homes taking the land, your plans, and finishing into account. This means that our pricing can be very different from project to project depending on a number of factors. Take a look at our past builds and reach out to us, we would love to explain what each home costs and why.

Most of our homes are completed within 6 months of breaking ground. This timeframe may be shorter or longer depending on weather conditions, scope of work and other factors.

You’ll arrange financing with a lender of your choice prior to the start of construction. If you have questions on where to go or how to begin the financing process we can get you in touch with one of our preferred lenders who can help you navigate financing options.

Great question!

All of our homes begin with a strong foundation. We drill soil samples at the build site and send them off for geotechnical analysis. The information gathered from the geotechnical analysis is compiled into a report that is sent to an engineering firm which uses that data to design the foundation. This ensures that we are building the correct foundation for your specific soil conditions.

All of our homes include foam insulation. We encapsulate the home meaning all walls and the underside of the roof are insulated with open cell foam insulation. This creates an air tight envelope which equates to energy savings and a more comfortable climate for you and your family

We take water proofing your home seriously. We trust Huber zip system as our all in one exterior sheathing and water resistive barrier.

Because we’re a custom homebuilder our interiors don’t carry a standard list of features. Instead, we ask potential clients for a wish list of flooring, trim, appliances, and fixtures and we work to find ways to include those items in your home.

At Bevan Builders we stake our reputation on standing behind the quality of our homes. We offer a one year limited warranty that begins the day you close on your new home. The warranty covers a wide range of items that we cover in detail in our Building and Construction Standards Guidelines.

In addition to the one year warranty we also back your home with a 2 year systems warranty and a 10 structural warranty.

As often as you want! Bevan Builders utilizes Co-Construct, an online project management software to facilitate open communication and information sharing. This way we stay on the same page throughout the process in terms of specifications, selection, and budget. Best of all, Co-Construct works on both computer and mobile devices so you can check your home on the go!

What Questions Do You Have About Building a Bevan Home?