Passionate About Our Homes

 Meet The Owner

Cody Bevan is the proud owner of Bevan Builders, a home building company based in Fort Worth. Bevan Builders is focused on helping families in the community turn their home into a place where they can build memories that last a lifetime.

In 2011, during the construction of our first family home, my wife and I felt like there were so many details that were missing. Our builder reported that adding these things was either too complicated or too expensive. The process was disappointing and we were left with unmet expectations. Bevan Builders was started in 2015 with the goal of listening to our customers and helping them turn their dreams into reality. We try to outline all of your desired home details so costs are clear before starting the project. If there is something out of budget we will try to find another way to do it without compromising on the integrity of the build. Every day we’re driven to innovate and try new things. If something seems challenging, we’re excited to find a way to make it happen. We invite you to live in your dream home, and Build with Bevan.
bevan family

Where We Build

You can find homes from Bevan Builders in Johnson, Tarrant, Hood and Parker counties. Our knowledge of local ordinances, soil, and quality trades gives you the flexibility to decide where you want your home to be built. Next time you’re in Fort Worth, Benbrook, Granbury, Aledo, Weatherford, Brock or Godley be sure to check out one of our authentically built custom homes!




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